Welcome to Loop Ranch

Welcome to the Loop Ranch! Established in 2010, Loop Ranch is focused on becoming the premier Angus seed stock producer in the beautiful John Day River Valley of Eastern Oregon. Using proven AI genetics and carefully selected mother cows, Loop Ranch endeavors to produce high quality purebred Angus Bulls for Commercial Cattleman.

Loop Ranch Cows are highly functional females with great udders that are producing high quality calves every year. Using proven genetics, outstanding pasture ground and only their mother’s milk; calves are weaned off heavy every fall. They are moderate birth weight calves that grow quickly.

Loop Ranch Bulls are weaned off their mothers onto rocky ground. This gives them sound feet and legs. Bulls are developed to be ready to go to work for all types of cattle operations and add value to their end product. We offer a wide range of bulls to satisfy all cattleman. Loop Ranch offers bulls that are low-birth weight, have high growth, have great carcass characteristics and are calving ease.

LOOP RANCH IS A TRUE FAMILY OPERATION with three generations of family members working side by side to create a lifestyle few families in today’s fast paced world get to enjoy. Family members include Brad and Mary Armstrong and their son Owen; Brad’s sister, Jessica Knowles and her husband Drew, and their three sons, Charley, Jack, and Cody. Adding the third generation are Brad and Jessica’s parents Bob and Lauri Armstrong.

EACH FAMILY MEMBER HAS BROUGHT specific experience and skills that contribute to the successful operation of the ranch. Brad is a Civil Engineer with the local Soil and Water Conservation District. Mary is a Dental Hygienist. Drew is a Farrier and Jessica is a Certified Public Accountant who works with Bob, also a CPA, and Lauri, the Office Manager, in their local CPA firm. Charley, Jack, Cody and Owen work at being the cutest little cowboys around.

LOOP RANCH IS LOCATED along the beautiful John Day River, six miles west of John Day, Oregon. We’re always open for visitors, feel free to give us a call and come check out our operation.